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Are There Benefits of Using Commercial Furniture at Home?

Are you in the market for home furniture but have been unable to find the right furnishings for your needs? Average home furniture design is geared toward average home use. That’s fine if your needs fall within average. But what if you have children constantly running around the house, or guests coming around all the time? That would put too much strain on your furnishings, damaging or aging them prematurely.

What can you do?

Well, consider using commercial furniture at home.

What is commercial furniture? What makes them different from residential furniture?

Commercial furniture is designed mainly for commercial or public settings, such as restaurants, hotels, dental clinics, law offices and churches.

It includes items such as function chairs, tables, table bases, stools, lounge armchairs, lounge sets, lounge corner sets, air barstools, and ergo chairs.

What sets commercial furnishings apart is that they are made of heavier and sturdier materials, allowing them withstand hours and hours of use daily. Residential furniture design on the other hand focuses more on the aesthetic aspect and tends to neglect the utilitarian side of things. That’s why, generally, residential furnishings are unable to handle the rigours of heavy use.

All this seems to point out that commercial furnishings, while sturdily built, are less attractive than residential types. However, this is not really true as many fine examples of commercial furniture prove otherwise.


Is the extra cost of getting commercial furniture worth it?

Yes; definitely. What many failed to grasp is that residential furniture, considering their lower price range, will never be as sturdily built as their commercial counterparts. When subjected to heavy use, residential furniture will simply deteriorate rapidly, losing its value and usefulness altogether.

In contrast, commercial grade furnishings offer more comfort and are several times better able to withstand heavy use due to a number factors that went into their construction, such as:

  • Heavy duty materials
  • Stronger, more resilient fabric
  • Sturdier hardware
  • Thicker wood or metal frames
  • Thicker, denser foam

Durability is a top consideration as to why many are switching to using commercial furniture for the home. Another benefit is that commercial furniture is subject to stringent testing before being allowed entry into the market, ensuring better value for money and instilling a sense of security for the buyer.

Safety is yet another consideration. Testing includes the maximum amount of weight or force that can be applied to the furniture. Considering all these factors, you’d be a lot safer sitting in a commercial chair than in a residential type of chair.

For these reasons, the cost of a commercial furniture item can be twice or thrice that of its residential counterpart of the same brand or manufacturer.

What you’re paying for here is the quality and relatively long life-span of the product. Of course these factors can vary depending on the amount of care you give your furniture.

So while commercial grade furniture costs more initially, it pays for itself in the long run. And, when properly cared for, they can retain their high resale value even after decades of daily use.


What about aesthetics? Do they always have to look so plain?

This is a common observation. What’s at fault here is the predominantly functional design of commercial furniture.

While most manufacturers and designers of commercial furniture are notoriously utilitarian in their approach, paying little care for aesthetics, they have every right to be proud of the quality and durability of their product.

At Table and Chair Express however we work with manufacturers who not only focus on quality and durability, but also spend a lot of time on design.  With the evolution of the humble resin chair you are now able to get a vastly improved range of furnishing that have come a long way from the standard white outdoor table and chair setting that you can pick up at your local cheap store.  They are also available in a great range of colours which allows you to truly bring out the interior designer in you.


Now that you’ve learned the benefits of using commercial furniture at home, it’s time to talk about the best place to get them.


Where to buy commercial furniture

Right here would be a good start.

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