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Cafe Style Table and Chairs That Complement Your Home

In recent years, an increasing number of households in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other major cities in Australia have switched to commercial grade cafe style tables and chairs for their dining room instead of traditional residential designs. The main advantage of using commercial furniture in your home is that it is more comfortable, stylish, and above all twice as durable as residential type pieces. Finding an attractive dinner table and chair set that complements your dining room requires careful thought since you also have to make sure all your other needs are met.

Cafe tables and chairs come in various shapes and sizes. While their look is an important consideration, you also need to make sure that the table you’ve selected not only fits your dining area but that there is enough room for your guests to move comfortably around it.

Table Size and Proportion

In a typical home setting, your dining table should not be narrower than 900mm to allow enough space to set plates and food. A quality dining cafe table must be well-proportioned, so that a longer table should also be proportionately wider.

Measure the distance between your table and wall. Diners need about 1m of space between wall and table to sit down, get up and move around comfortably. The same 1m inches rule applies if there’s furniture in the room.

What you’re aiming for here is to have your guests comfortably seated without touching elbows.

Check Manufacturer’s Recommended Number of Diners

Reputable cafe table manufacturers and distributors often indicate the maximum of guests a table can accommodate. Follow this recommendation or get a table of appropriate size to avoid overcrowding. The average diner requires approximately 600mm of table space to eat comfortably.

Use a Round Table in Smaller Rooms

If you have a small dining room, your best solution is to use a round cafe table. Since a round table has no corners, it offers a number of distinct advantages:

  • They’re easier to fit into tight spaces
  • There are no sharp corners people can bump into
  • They can accommodate more people

Pedestal type cafe tables are an even better choice, as the added legroom can help your guests feel more relaxed.

Right Cafe Chair Size

Size is an often overlooked aspect when choosing a dining chair. In many cases, if the cafe chairs look pretty and if they’re comfortable the question of whether they fit the dining table almost never pops up. Such buyers are often shocked to find the chairs they bought are too large for their dining table. This is a pity because a set of chairs that you can’t use is a wasted investment.

Many people like the idea of buying cafe tables with arms. If this is what you like, you need to make sure your table provides enough room for the cafe armchairs to be pulled out and pushed back in with ease. This is something to check even if you’re buying the table and chairs as a set.

Cafe Style Table and Chairs Design

The design of your table and chairs is another important buying consideration. When a furniture item looks good in a picture, don’t assume right away that it also looks great in person. Your best move is to actually visit showrooms and take a close look at the pieces that interest you.

When shopping for cafe chairs, consider the design of your dining table. Make sure they’re an aesthetic match to your dining room and table. For example, if your dining room has a wood theme, a set of all metal dining chairs is most likely going to look out place. On the other hand, rattan cafe chairs will blend perfectly in that room.

Final Thoughts

When buying cafe style table and chairs an important rule to remember is to balance aesthetics with functionality. A carefully chosen table and chair set based on the criteria presented above can go a long way in improving the overall beauty and ambience of your dining room.

Should you need additional help in choosing the right table and chairs for you, Table and Chair Express would be more than happy to assist you.


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