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Café Tables for Restaurants Layout Strategies

Your café tables for restaurants layout strategy is an important element for driving positive experience and in differentiating your business from the rest. Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne Australia are haven to the café or restaurant business, where each establishment strives to offer a unique experience for their customers.

While aesthetics is an important part of the equation, it’s the way the tables, barstools and chairs are arranged that truly counts when it comes to keeping customers happy.

Your dining room, far from being just a space to welcome customers, sets the mood, ambience and tone for your restaurant. Plan your restaurant layout with intent. Lighting, café tables and chairs, and the colours of the room must complement each other. Be careful in your choice of café tables for restaurants. Avoid residential type furniture, barstools, chairs and café tables.

Invest in commercial grade café tables, café chairs and barstools, as they are built to last; able to withstand long hours of heavy, daily use.

Another vital consideration is to make sure your restaurant setup is flexible enough to allow a quick shuffling of café tables and chairs to accommodate large or small parties with ease.


Use Room Dividers to Create a Feeling of Space

When diners say they prefer eating in a restaurant with more space, they usually mean they want a little privacy. Now that you know what they really need, the solution is simple: use room dividers.

The added sense of privacy will allow customers to feel more at ease, more relaxed and better able to enjoy their food, resulting in positive customer experience.


Test Every Table Location

Before opening day, pretend that you are a customer. Test the seats whether you’d be comfortable or uneasy sitting in each of them. How about the lighting? Is it too glaring? Is the noise from the street invading your space? Do this diligently and move from table to table. Don’t quit until you are sure every café table in your restaurant is capable of providing a great dining experience for your customers.


Check the Noise Level

Many customers are used to white noise and are not bothered by it. But if it’s noise coming from an ongoing construction nearby, then that can be pretty annoying for them. In certain restaurant settings, loud modern music coming out of huge speakers is expected; while for most other settings, it’s best to aim for a quieter more subdued ambience. Also, consider room acoustics. Some rooms are inherently noisier than others, in which case you need to install acoustic panels to dampen down the noise.


Blinds or Curtains?

Some restaurants use blinds, others curtains. Either choice will work depending on your theme or the look your aiming for. Direct sunlight especially during summer months can be very uncomfortable so you need to make sure the curtains or blinds you invest in are easy enough to adjust for your customers’ comfort.


Restaurant Table Spacing

While it’s understandable for restaurant owners to want to cram as many diners into their space, diners want the exact opposite thing; to have enough room to move about and enjoy their meal in peace.

If you’re new in the restaurant business, you’d be surprised to find that the number of café tables and chairs your dining space can accommodate will not always coincide with your plan on paper. Much as you would like to maximise the number of customers you can accommodate, think of their comfort first. This is key to driving positive customer experience. So for example if you’re using rectangular or square tables, make sure there is at least a gap of about 61 cm between corners.

This figure is just an estimate though; you need to experiment to determine your optimal table spacing.


Choose Commercial Quality Chairs, Barstools and Café Tables for Restaurants

Purchase commercial grade chairs and café tables that offer a sturdy and attractive design. Avoid residential type furniture as these are unfit and not sturdy enough for restaurant or café use.

Commercial grade lounges, barstools, chairs and café tables for restaurants are manufactured to an entirely different level than your standard furniture, making them safer, sturdier and far more comfortable for your restaurant customers to use.

Fortunately, there is a reputable commercial furniture company catering to the areas of Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney Australia to help you come up with a viable café or restaurant layout strategy, and to assist you with your fitout needs in every way possible.

Table and Chair Express, has for many years been working hard, helping clients keep their café and restaurant furniture up with the latest styling, while maintaining durability and comfort.

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