Air XL Armchair® by Siesta


Air XL Armchair® by Siesta

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The Air XL Armchair® is extremely comfortable, while also being practical and durable. It will also a modern flair to any venue or home. This versatile chair is designed for maximum comfort, but it’s made out of resin so it’s very strong and easy to clean. It is made for indoor or outdoor commercial or domestic use. Match it with one of Siesta’s table for a modern but easy-maintenance dining set!

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If you are looking for a chair with maximum comfort but durability and practicality ‚Äì look no further. The Genuine Siesta Air XL Chair by Siesta is made of polypropylene with reinforced legs to give it maximum strength whilst it is designed with maximum comfort in mind. The whole chair is UV stabilised meaning you can use it outdoors knowing it will last years in the harsh Australian climate. It’s stackable and easy to clean. Available in 8 colours, it can be used both indoors and outdoors in domestic and commercial environments such as pubs, clubs, pools, restaurants, and alfresco dining areas.

Polypropylene Chairs:

There is a lot to know about polypropylene to ensure you invest in a safe, reliable, and lasting product. There are two important fillers that must be applied precisely during the injection moulding process.

  1. Glass Fibre – creates enormous strength and lasting durability for heavy use.
  2. UV Stabilizer – slows the colour fade and weakening under direct sunlight.

Siesta UV stabilise both the colour and the material. This provides double the durability. Mould quality is also important to consider when purchasing mass-produced products. To master this process without flaw, Siesta invest in high quality moulds manufactured in Italy. Siesta polypropylene products have antistatic additives, they are very easy to clean making it hygienic and safe. It does not hold bacteria or fungi like other substances and can be easily disinfected and wiped.

All Siesta polypropylene products can be recycled and are marked with the recycling symbol.

Comparing Polypropylene Chairs:

Are other polypropylene products the same as Siesta’s? – Short Answer: No. It is important to understand when comparing products that other manufacturers…

  • use cheap moulds from Asia – this results in low quality and poor finished products.
  • only UV Stabilise the colour,¬†not the material as well – this results in changes to the surface and a much faster colour fade.
  • use a much smaller amount of Glass Fibre – this results in¬†breakages overtime during use.

There are many cheaper methods and versions of a filler which gives a false sense of weight and durability while new. If you want your chairs to look like new and maintain their durability for many years, invest only in Siesta made products. Siesta products last 5 to 10 times longer in any indoor or outdoor application.

Why Siesta?

  • Genuine
  • Stronger
  • Lasts longer

Siesta Chair vs Opposition Copy – 12 Month Partial Sunlight (UV Stabiliser) Comparison Test

Siesta Chair Strength Test – 645kg Static Load

The only polypropylene (plastic) products worth buying.


Thousands of Air XL Chairs have been used throughout Europe and Australia, delivering on quality and durability. They have provided seating in clubs, pubs, bars, and alfresco dining areas for many satisfied customers. Manufactured in Europe by Siesta Exclusive, CATAS tested, backed with a 5-year warranty means you can purchase with peace of mind.

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 60 × 57 × 81 mm

Siesta Exclusive


Anthracite, Black, Green, Mango, Orange, Red, Taupe, White

Made in



Polypropylene – Glass Fibre Reinforced, UV Stabilised Colour & Material


W: 570mm D: 600mm H: 810mm

Seat Height

450mm – Standard Chair Height

Unit Weight



Yes – 4 High


Commercial, Domestic, Indoor & Outdoor Use




CATAS Tested


Weather Resistant


5 Years Commercial

Static Load

300kg – (4 chairs can hold a 2.58 tonne car, that's 645kg each!)


No – Supplied Assembled




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