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Top 5 Restaurant Design Ideas for Small Space

There’s something magical about a quaint little restaurant in a large city setting such as Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney. The intimate ambience and the warm welcome that greets you when you come in are something many diners fined hard to resist.

Take a look around you. Whether you’re in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or other major cities in Australia, it’s the small restaurants and cafes that have a magnetic aura around them.

Their appeal is immediate, unmistakable and compelling.

The best restaurant design for small space is one that makes your customers feel welcome, warm and special.

However, designing a small restaurant space requires time and effort. This is important so you can maximise the number of guests in your restaurant without sacrificing comfort and aesthetics.

So unlock your creative mind with these top five restaurant design ideas for small space.


  1. Create an Illusion of Space

Nobody likes an overly crowded restaurant. You can solve this problem by creating an illusion of space through careful selection of décor and commercial furniture. Position your restaurant tables, chairs and other furniture with care to enhance your ambience and maximise your seating capacity.

Booths are a great solution for tight spaces as they can be positioned back to back, helping to fit more guests into the dining room as well as provide for them a feeling of space and comfort. Smaller café tables are a more practical choice, since you can combine for larger groups rather than crowd the dining room unnecessarily with full-sized restaurant tables.


  1. Arrange Cafe Tables and Chairs to Provide Decent Walkways

There must be enough room for two-way traffic to pass each other to avoid workers and customers bumping into each other. Remember that cafe chairs and bar stools will take up walkway space when in use. So a good rule of thumb is to leave about a meter of space between rows to allow traffic to move easily without disturbing the diners at table.


  1. Opt for a Smaller Kitchen

Although the kitchen is where you prepare food, don’t get carried away in making it bigger than necessary. By building a smaller kitchen, you provide more space for guests and diners, thus maximising your available space for driving more business.

To make the most of your kitchen space, make use of hanging racks, add cabinet shelves and use organisers to help you work in an efficient and systematic manner.


  1. Add an Outdoor Bar Area

If business is booming, sooner or later you’ll have regulars lining up for a seat. Consider adding an outdoor bar area, complete with commercial grade café bar stools, where your customers can order drinks while waiting their turn at a table.

Ensure that your entrance is roomy, inviting and as comfortable as possible. Provide cafe chairs and benches to help make the waiting a bit more comfortable. Don’t use large lounges that take up too much space.


  1. Leverage the Magic of Mirrors

Mirrors are wonderful in opening up cramped spaces by creating an illusion of space. Having lots of windows can also give a feeling of space, and so they are another important consideration when designing for small space. Another thing to make your space feel roomier is to avoid bulky looking furniture.


Bonus Tip: How to Deal with Limited Storage

When you have a small restaurant space, storage can quickly become a problem if you’re not prepared to deal with it. With no available room for stocking extra groceries, beer and stuff, you just have to juggle things around a bit and get the timing right when ordering restaurant supplies.



Small spaces work really well if you know how to leverage the above five elements for creating a cosy, homey restaurant ambience.

Much of the challenge comes from choosing the right café tables and chairs to go with the decor for creating a unique dining place that’s irresistibly inviting.


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